What is is a online classified ads service  to help people to promote their buying or selling leads and you can promote your services, business, etc.



Yes, is 100% Free, for standard ads.


How do I register an account on

Click on 'Register' to register an account. Once the registration completes you will get an email on your inbox along with the Activation link to activate your new account. Once you have activated your account then you can enjoy the free services.


How to Post Ad on

Posting an Ad is completely free, and there is no charge if you sell your item on The site is totally free, no strings attached!
Posting is easy. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Click "Post an Ad" on the navigation bar.

  2. Choose the correct category and sub-section for your ad.

  3. Choose your Ad Plan which fits for your needs (Free Ad Plan to Post Free Ads) If you would like to go for our Premium listings like Spotlight Feature ad or Highlighted (optional as fees apply) you can select available feature ad options for your ad.
    (NOTE: You can choose the Plans when you are logged in as a registered user, If you are Posting Ads without registering an account then you can not see the Plans to promote your Ad under Premium Listings on

  4. Enter Title, and write your ad in the description box. You have the option of uploading up to 10 photos by clicking on “Add Pictures” to upload your images to your ad on next step.

  5. Enter your email address.

  6. Enter your phone number for a faster response to your ad (optional).

  7. Enter your Map Address.

  8. Click the "Post an Ad" button.

  9. Next step you will be redirected to Review your ad (Check all the informations you have entered properly or not and you can modify them) now you just click on "Approve Ad Now" to Post immediately your Ad.


What is My

"My" is the section to manage all your listings, responses, messages, email alerts, saved searches, account info, etc., Even you can modify your ad via "My" Panel.


How do I edit my Ad when I post without logged in?

It does not a matter. We will send you a link on your email when you are posting an Ad without logged in. All you have to do is to keep the link safe. Later you can modify your Ads through the link.


How long will my posting appear on

Currently we keep your Ads live up to 240 days . So your Ad will be available on  for 240 days. But after 240 days once your Ad expires you can renew it immediately.


How do I Find Ads/Items on

All you have to do Select your Location first, then click on any categories on home page you are looking for to find Items. (E.g. Used cars)


How do I reply an Ad?

When you are on Ad details page just look on to "Contact This Advertiser" click on it and you will get a contact form just fill it with the information like email id, mobile number and your comments then send it to the seller. In such a way you can connect with the Advertiser of the Ad.


How can I pay for Premium Listings?

You can pay via  PayPal .

Does has mobile Version site?

Yes, we do have a mobile site which works well on your mobile ,easy to navigate.


Knowledgebase Help

How do I get more views and responses for my Ad?

  1. Give proper title without any characters.

  2. Put proper efficient description to attract buyers when you are posting ad to sell anything.

  3. Select correct location and enter genuine contact information like mobile number and email id (Your personal info will not be shared).

  4. When you are selling cars just fill all the fields like features, make, model, mileage, year, etc.

  5. When you are posting Ad related to selling or buying house/apartment just enter all the fields to get immediate response from certain persons.

  6. Check your messages often to get responses.


General reasons for ads being deleted are:

  1. Against policy.

  2. Against applicable laws. It is the responsibility of the advertiser before posting an ad on that content advertised adheres to posting policies as well as applicable laws. As a condition of your use of specified under our Terms of Use, you agree that you will not violate any laws.

  3. Posting dupicate ads many times ,even with small modifications.

  4. Duplicate of another ad posted by you.

  5. Posted under wrong category (You must choose the single most relevant category for your ad).

  6. We only accept ads in English ( is an English speaking site and to make sure that the site is usable for everyone we only accept ads that are in English, although translations in other languages in addition to English text is ok).

  7. No overseas ads accepted, is based only for local community or local businesses.

  8. No website links to other property / job / classified or auction sites.

  9. Not descriptive enough (Ads that do not provide enough detail will be placed on hold or removed as this makes for a bad browsing experience).

  10. Appears to be a copy of another ad posted on (You may not copy other user ads, you ad must be original).

  11. Inappropriate language.

  12. Inappropriate photo / image.

  13. Discriminatory on race / religion / nationality / gender / etc.

  14. Selling or offering services for supplements / alcoholic / medicine general or pharmaceutical.

  15. Selling body parts / bodily fluids, adoption or surrogacy.



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